About the FrameCharge Press

To find out more about the FrameCharge Press and what we do, and the various ways to buy our products, read on.

What is the FrameCharge Press?

The FrameCharge Press is a small publisher based in the Cathedral City of Ely in Cambridgeshire, UK - one of the new breed of micro-publishers, using the latest technology to mine the "long tail" of the publishing business. Newly established in 2007, the FrameCharge Press aims to produce non-fiction books of local interest written by local authors. Although initial print runs are likely to be short by larger publishers' standards (ca. 2000 copies is probably typical), books will have full ISBNs, will be deposited with the British Library, and be available for purchase via the web and through local bookshops.

Micro-publisher? What's one of those?

It's just a fancy name for a very small publishing company. Advances in printing technology make it possible to produce high-quality books with limited resources, without breaking the bank.

What do you mean, mining the "Long Tail"?

Bestsellers are rare - the vast majority of books only sell relatively few copies compared to the average Harry Potter. Previously, bookshops could only stock a limited number of titles, and the niche titles were squeezed out. However, the Web makes it economic to supply such books, and because there are so many of them, they now make up a significant chunk of the book market. This is the "Long Tail".

Don't you need to print thousands of books to make it financially viable?

The advent of digital printing, PDF and print-on-demand means that books can be printed economically and quickly. Single volumes can be printed to order and dispatched to the buyer in a matter of hours.

Who's behind it all?

That would be me, Jeff White. Although I work in the publishing industry, the FrameCharge Press is a personal venture that brings together my love of books, graphic design and modern technology.