Art Print: RAF Memorial Window, North Choir Aisle, Ely Cathedral

Photography by Michael White

A3 (297 x 410 mm), Full colour digital print
Printed on 320 gsm gloss card

A composite digital image built from multiple high-quality photographs

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The RAF Memorial Window at Ely Cathedral was dedicated in 1955 and commemorates the air-men and -women who served in the Ely area during World War II.

About the Memorial

At the top the window features the badges of Bomber Command, as well as those of the Royal Air Force, the Royal New Zealand Air Force, the Dutch Air Force and the Czech Air Force.

In the main section, between an airman in a flying jacket and another dressed as ground crew, are St Michael and St George, the two 'dragon-slayers'. Each of these four figures stand above one of the badges of 2, 3, 8 and 100 Groups, the Flight Groups that operated in the area surrounding Ely during WWII.

Beneath these are four scenes showing Wellington Bombers in flight, including the most well-known image, which shows the aircraft flying east over Ely Cathedral below.