Art Print: RAF Memorial Window, North Choir Aisle, Ely Cathedral

Photography by Michael White

A3 (297 x 410 mm), Full colour digital print
Printed on 320 gsm gloss card

A composite digital image built from multiple high-quality photographs

£8.99 + Free delivery

Creating the Image

The task of obtaining a good image of the RAF Memorial Window presented a number of problems, above and beyond those usually associated with photographing stained glass. The greatest came from the RAF standards that surround the window - they are now much too delicate to move, and in their present arrangement prevent a clear view of the left and right sides of the memorial. Add to this the glare from the spotlight to one side, and the height of the subject relative to the viewer standing before it, and it is impossible to get an unobstructed view that is not distorted by perspective.

Fortunately a photographer can still see all parts of the window as long as they don't mind being a slight contortionist. It is also fortunate that, given the essentially two-dimensional nature of the window, it is possible to correct for distortions due to perspective if you have a reasonably powerful computer and the correct software.

Thus the final image of the window was stitched together from a mosaic of around half a dozen smaller fragment photographs, each taken from a different angle (to ensure the full window was photographed), then corrected for perspective, brightness and contrast so as to match the other parts.