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The Victorian Restoration and Refurbishment of Ely Cathedral

A 32 page, A5 sized (148 x 210 mm) softcover guidebook, printed on glossy paper with a matt-laminated card cover. As well as text it contains 15 photographs (colour & B&W) and four especially-created diagrams. High-quality, four-colour lithographic printing was used throughout.

Copies supplied: 1000

The early Victorian period saw a reawakening of the importance of cathedral and church architecture and by Victoria's reign much of the early nineteenth-century work did not please—lathe and plaster and colour wash hid clunch, marble and stone alike, to say nothing of paintings and painted decoration.

Production Details

While the text was supplied in both electronic and printed form, and was thus relatively straightforward to process, a number of the citations given were ambiguous. We were able to track down the originals reference works and provide clear bibliographic formattingp>

The graphics required for this project were rather more problematic. While a handful were available as high-quality digital photographs, most were in one of the following forms: (a) old photographs requiring scanning and cleaning; (b) engravings from out-of-copyright publications that needed scanning; (c) photocopies of engravings, where the original source was not known; (d) hand-drawn diagrams that required a complete redesign; (e) non-standard colour photgraphic slides of extremely dubious quality. The photocopies proved unuseable, and so the originals had to be tracked down and scanned, while new photographs were sourced to replace the slides. Several highly-detailed diagrams were recreated as vector-based illustrations to allow accurate print reproduction.

The final price per copy of the guidebook allowed the customer to achieve a surplus on the very reasonable cover price.