As well as publishing its own books, the FrameCharge Press offers a selection of print design and production services for both individuals and organisations.

Project Coordination

The task of getting something printed is often complex and intimidating to the newcomer. How do you go about getting a printing quote, and how do you know if the price quoted is reasonable for the work? How do you describe what you want? What does all the jargon mean? Do you want "lithographic" or "digital"? What is "lithographic", anyway?

Then there's the black art of creating the electronic files to send to the printer. Do colour spaces confuse you? Would you know how to embed a font? Is "preflighting" something you need to worry about?

Don't worry - we are here to help you. We will handle everything, from your original documents all the way through to the boxes of finished, printed matter. We can advise, and explain what is happening, at each stage of production. We'll take the strain, and do all the hard work for you.